4 Tips for Longer Lasting Shoes

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There is nothing quite like new running shoes; don’t you just wish they could stay that way forever? Although that may not be possible (unless of course you are not running in them), we made a list of a few ways you can enjoy that new shoe feeling a little bit longer. Have a tip to add? Leave us a reply!

Make time to

Lacing your shoes instead of just slipping on them on pre-laced serves a number of beneficial purposes. Here are a few reasons to get in the habit of making those bunny ears a habit:

  1. Prevents debris from entering shoe
  2. Helps better secure the ankle and foot
  3. Prevents heel from collapsing and shoe losing form
  4. Can prevent blisters and heel slippage

Avoid the

Although throwing those freshly-run-in shoes in the washing machine may seem like the best way to remove odors, the chemicals and water may be doing more damage to your shoes than you realize. Instead, follow these 3 easy tips to keeping your shoes clean.

  1. Spot wash with a soft toothbrush and cool water
  2. Pull out the tongue between uses to allow airflow
  3. Replace insoles often to reduce smell

Give them a

Believe it or not, it is usually not the tread to wear out first, it is the mid sole. When the mid sole becomes compressed, it is no longer allowing for energy return, and therefore no longer supporting your foot. A running shoe typically needs about 12 hours between uses; if you find yourself wearing your running shoe all day every day, consider switching between two pairs.

Make sure they

This may seem like an obvious tip, but if you have ever loved one pair of running shoes over another, it was most likely due to fit. The shoe that fits your foot the best will last the longest. Period. Here are a few steps in our fitting process at Front Runner to make sure you get the most life out of your shoes:

  1. Assess your gait/watch you walk
  2. Measure your foot with the Brannock device
  3. Inspect the wear on your old shoes
  4. Consider special needs such as custom insoles