Tips for Choosing the Right Shoe

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Choosing the right shoe can be tough – But not always. Actually, getting fitted by an expert can save time and money by being led to choose the right fit the first time. Typically, however, customers are faced with deciding between 2 or 3 supportive running shoes because all the recommended options feel good! Here are some fast tips on … Read More

4 Race Prep Tips for Every Runner

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Spring racing season is upon us! Whether you are gearing up for the Chattanooga Marathon or have a St. Patrick’s Day race on the horizon, check out these tips every runner should adopt before pinning on their bib. Best of luck on your 5K, half marathon, or full marathon from Chattanooga’s favorite running store – Front Runner Athletics! Share your pre … Read More

5 Tests for Replacing Running Shoes

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At Front Runner we not only assess your running gait but we also help you determine when it’s time for new shoes! Did you know? Some shoes need to be replaced even when they still appear new! Luckily, we have a few tests to determine when it’s time for new running or walking shoes. If your shoes don’t pass at … Read More

Robin Brooks – Losing 140lbs & Learning to Love Running


When we met Robin Brooks and her husband Michael at Front Runner for the first time, we thought they had been avid runners their entire life. While fitting them for shoes, we found out that running was the last thing on their mind just a few years ago. Thank you Robin for allowing us to share your unique journey of … Read More

Top Halloween Costumes for Runners & Local Races – Chattanooga, TN

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By Shelby Deering, Runner’s World As fall weekends lead up to Halloween, chances are that there’s at least one or two Halloween-themed races slated for your area. And if you’re a runner who loves a great costume paired with an equally-great race time, you’ll likely do your homework to find a disguise that looks amazing, has major crowd appeal, and … Read More

The Race of a Lifetime – Laryssa Martinovich


Most people’s reaction to hearing this would be joy, excitement, or disbelief, right? Mine? Questions! Who am I running with? How far will I be running? Did I really “win” or are there a bunch of other things I need to do to “officially” win? And lastly… where exactly IS Kinvara!? Obviously I found out! So let me explain what … Read More

Top Triathlon Tips

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The last thing you want is river water sloshing around in your goggles. Get fitted at Front Runner for the perfect Speedo goggle. Consider using a mirrored goggle to block the sun. Speedo also makes a defogging solution that retails for $15. We have seen our fair share of chafing and blisters to know it is better to be safe … Read More

Future of Running Shoes – Andrew Dorn

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The past eight years have been host to a ‘running shoe renaissance’ of sorts, where, more than ever before, footwear manufacturers began challenging traditional beliefs of how running shoes should function, and how they should serve the runner. One of the coolest parts of my job is getting to witness the development and evolution of running shoe technology. Over the … Read More

Runner “Must Knows” for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation – Summit Physical Therapy

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Since 1990 the sport of running has seen tremendous growth. Over the last two years though the sport is starting to plateau in this growth. Some websites show that there are over 30 million active runners in this country, this is fueled by the ever-growing participation in marathons and half-marathons. Runners will at some point in time experience an injury … Read More