Fit Process

At Front Runner Athletics in Chattanooga, we treat every customer with the attention and the respect they deserve. Whether you are searching for a comfortable every day shoe or looking to break records, we look forward to finding a shoe that fits your specific needs. Our shoes are made with top of the line material giving the user more support and allowing for longer use compared to a typical department or sporting goods store. In addition to offering quality shoes, we also offer a complimentary shoe fitting to our customers.

1 | Meet & Greet

First and foremost, we want to meet you. You have our individual attention. Tell us a little bit about yourself. We are here to serve and learn about you. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident during your visit at Front Runner, we even have a kid zone area so your little ones can enjoy themselves too!

2 | Sizing

When it comes to fitting, we believe the old fashioned approach is still the best. That’s why we rely on the knowledge and experience of our staff to make the right calls. 

We start with the Brannock device for your shoe size, yes this is the same measuring instrument developed in 1925.

We'll assess your arches, ankles, and other dynamics of the foot. If you brought a custom orthotic, brace, toe spacers, or other have other special instructions we will look at how each of those will affect how a shoe will fit. 

3 | Gait Analysis

This is one of the most important steps in the shoe fitting process. Not all shoes are created equally and we know which shoes are made to do what. We will ask you to do a “down and back” for us consisting of a few strides with your shoes off, we ask that you keep your stride as natural as possible during this step.

4 | Shoe Selection

Have you ever found yourselves rummaging through isles and isles of shoe boxes just to find to have to guess on which shoe may feel good? Rest assured, you won’t have to do any of that at Front Runner. During the selection process you are welcome to hang tight or browse the store.

We will narrow our shoes down to just 3-4 styles that we believe will best suit your needs.

We invite you to allow us to put each shoe on your foot and give us feedback on the fit. We will also watch how you walk in each shoe to determine which shoe is the ideal fit for you. If needed, we will gather additional shoes if you desire.

We know what shoe you need, sometimes that required a special order. Rest assured, special orders still follow our 30 day guarantee promise and we don not charge extra to place the order.

5 | Happy Running

Time to head out and enjoy your new shoes! 

6 | Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves in making sure you are happy both immediately after the shoe fitting process and months down the road, that’s why we guarantee all of our products for 30 days. Even if the product comes back to us dirty or damaged, we will take it back no questions asked for an exchange of a refund within 30 days. The shoe fitting process goes beyond our store walls, because the right fit should change your life.

At Front Runner we treat you like family, because that is what we are.