Zoom Women's Brooks Ariel 20

Women's Brooks Ariel 20


Featuring a completely new design, the Brooks Ariel 20 caters to the industry's trends towards softer shoes and non-traditional methods of reducing overpronation.

What's New

  • Softer ride
  • Increased flexibility
  • Enhanced comfort

Compared to Ariel's of the past, the ride is softer, more flexible, and a new guide rail system helps to protect your knees by reducing excess foot movement. The guide rails on both sides of the shoe work like bumpers on a bowling alley. As your foot attempts to move from side to side the bumpers guide your foot back towards the middle of the shoe where your stride is most efficient.

To increase comfort and breathability while locking the foot into place, the Ariel was finished off with a full-length engineered mesh and embroidered midfoot saddle.

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