Zoom Men's Altra Paradigm 6

Men's Altra Paradigm 6


As the most cushioned road running shoe in Altra's lineup, the Altra Paradigm 6.0 offers ultimate protection from the pavement during your everyday runs.

The Altra Paradigm 6.0 is revamped and packed with a new cushioning package and a natural guidance technology making it a well-cushioned and luxurious daily training shoe for any runner who needs a wider toe-box and a little more stability. The Paradigm has Altra's  "Standard" foot shape which is right in the middle of the "Original" and "Slim" options.

What You'll Love 

  • Brand new soft cushioning
  • Wider toe box 

The Paradigm 6.0 keeps some of Altra’s classic features like their wider toe-box and 0mm heel-to-toe drop but upgrades the cushioning package to an EgoMAX compound that is softer, more luxurious, and lighter than previous compounds.  The Paradigm 6.0 also comes with Altra’s GuideRail technology that offers extra medial support and helps overpronators run smoothly through each stride. The updated InnovArch also adds support to the sock liner that encourages better foot placement. Finished with an engineered mesh upper, the Altra Paradigm 6.0 is a great high cushioned option for runners who need some extra protection and support along with a wide forefoot fit. 

What's New

  • EgoMAX cushioning

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