Zoom Men's Altra Vanish Carbon

Men's Altra Vanish Carbon


The carbon-plated marathon racing market now has a bouncy, 0mm drop option called the Altra Vanish Carbon. The Vanish Carbon packs Altra’s most energetic foam, an efficient rocker geometry, and a unique carbon fiber plate all into a race day package that features a roomy fit through the toebox in comparison to other carbon plated racing shoes.

What You'll Love

  • Naturally propulsive carbon plate technology
  • Soft and ultra responsive foam
  • A roomy Altra toe box (Slim Category)
  • 0mm heel to toe drop racing option

The Vanish Carbon gives runners a propulsive and well-cushioned road racing option that offers modern performance while staying true to the brand's natural-feeling fit and zero-drop design. This unique racing shoe features an all new foam called EGOPRO which is Altra’s lightest and most energy-efficient compound available, and embedded in the comfortably bouncy foam is a segmented carbon fiber plate with a fork-like design. The 3-finger carbon plate gives runners a more natural ride that works with the foot while also providing an efficient and snappy toe-off.

The overall geometry of the Vanish Carbon is highly efficient through the use of the Active Stance Rocker, and it's built to create an ultra smooth ride at a variety of paces. The toe-box shape is designed to be slightly wider than traditional shoes and falls into Altra’s thinnest, but still naturally roomy, SLIM category. The outsole of the Vanish Carbon displays a healthy amount of rubber for optimal traction and the lightweight upper secures the foot while also being breathable and race-ready.

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