Zoom Men's Nike Vomero 17

Men's Nike Vomero 17


A springy and soft ride to energize every miles, the Vomero 17 takes you to your running, happy place. This shoe is for those road runners who seek the thrill of the vroom and the kind of plush feel that puts you in cruise control for short-to-long distances.

Engineered Mesh Upper

Providing you with a lighter, more comfortable and breathable wearing experience when running, the Vomero 17s have an improved mesh upper. This allows a fresh, constant supply of airflow through the uppers, keeping feet comfortable and cool throughout your run, thanks to the strategically placed perforations. Additionally, the shoes have moisture-wicking properties to prevent an uncomfortable build-up of sweat and moisture, therefore also ensuring you remain dry. Sweat and moisture are effectively removed from the surface of your skin to keep your feet cosy. The shoes have a padded tongue and soft, stretchy laces to top off an ultra-comfortable overall experience, which also provides you with a secure fit, preventing in-shoe slipping from occurring, and ensuring an optimum level of comfort throughout.

ZoomX Midsole

Nike ZoomX foam delivers Nike Running's greatest energy return yet. Ultra-light and super-responsive, the midsole material delivers Nike's greatest energy return yet, it works to absorb impact and then expels it back out for a bounce-like effect. This energy-return technology reduces the use of superfluous muscle power, diminishing fatigue and enhancing performance, keeping you going for longer. The revolutionary ZoomX foam is manufactured from Pebax, a product conventionally used in plastic bridges and other molded parts, and yields cushioning that is not only lightweight but soft and springy. Pebax has a lower density than some thermoplastic alternatives and this makes it lighter, flexible, and more impact-resistant, whilst giving it a higher capacity for energy return. When blown into a foam these properties remain, gifting you with a lively underfoot feeling that encourages you to run fast. Signalling the incredible resilience of ZoomX, the tiny creases that occur on every midsole do not have an impact on the foam's performance; these beauty marks are a result of the autoclave process which places the foam under extreme heat and pressure. The ZoomX sheets are then compressed in a Phylon preform which shapes the midsole parts. Because the special foam is so lightweight (one-third the weight of Cushlon), Nike can use more of it to separate your foot from the road; this means you get a thick and supportive midsole that will spare your joints as you strike down onto hard, unforgiving concrete. A distinctive, aerodynamic heel is designed to delay air separation and reduce drag, tapering to banish every barrier between you and your top speed. Finally, a heel clip helps keep your foot secure. It's built to handle the rigors of each run, creating a dependable shoe that supports your miles.

Durable Rubber Outsole

A high-abrasion rubber outsole completes the Vomero 17, with hard-wearing rubber in critical zones for durable traction. The outsole resists abrasions and features grippy lugs for durable traction that you can trust in every mile. Rubber covers the heel to increase the shoe's durability, resisting the traumas of heel strikes to provide you with a long-lasting running buddy. The flexibility of the outsole helps to improve the heel-to-toe transitions that occur, assisting you with confident strides. Lastly, the heel is beveled to optimize the initial touchdown, promoting a smooth transition to midstance.

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