5 Tests – When To Replace Your Shoes

At Front Runner we not only assess your running gait but we also help you determine when it’s time for new shoes! Did you know? Some shoes need to be replaced even when they still appear new! Luckily, we have a few tests to determine when it’s time for new running or walking shoes. If your shoes don’t pass at least one of the following tests, it’s probably time for a new pair! Not sure if your shoes pass the tests? Bring them to Front Runner for a free shoe wear test!

TIP: Perform these test when your shoes are COLD for an accurate result.

1. The "S" Test

Twist your shoes opposite directions into an S or an 8 shape. Do your shoes twist easily without much of an effort or are they stiff? A midsole that is broken down will twist easily. This mushy midsole is no longer supporting your feet!


2. The Thumb Test

Press firmly into the outer sole of the shoe with two thumbs. Do your thumbs sink into the shoe? If so, it’s time for a replacement!


3. The Sponge Test

Trail shoes are generally more difficult to perform test one and two on because of their tough outer sole. Try pressing into the mid sole of the shoe from the side. If the midsole flexes easily it may be time to retire them!


4. The Shoe's Mileage

A general rule of thumb is that running shoes last about 300-400 miles or 6-12 months. Track your mileage on running apps like Strava or Map My Run. Consider labeling your shoes with a number or date on the midsole or insole so you know how long you have had the shoes. Not sure when you bought your shoes? Call Front Runner! We’ll lookup your purchase history. (423) 875-3642 


5. The Tread Test

Compare the tread on the ball of the shoe or the heel to the tread near the middle of the shoe. Do you see a noticeable difference? If so, it’s time to head to Front Runner! Don’t wait until there is no tread left on your shoes to replace them, there is a good chance you may never wear down the tread near the middle of the shoe.


Do Your Shoes Fail the Test?

Old shoes can lead to numerous injuries. Don’t wait until pain develops to consider replacing your running shoes! Remember – bring in your old running shoes to Front Runner when getting fitted for new shoes. The wear pattern on your old shoes provides a great representation of your gait and what kind of shoe would best suit your feet!