Top 5 Best Running Routes in Chattanooga

Every runner will agree, one of the hardest parts of a run is planning WHERE to run! It is easy to fall into the habit of running the same routes over and over which can lead to the sport becoming stale.

Here is a list of some oldie, but goodie, running destinations. Share this list with your out-of-town guests to really give them the WOW factor during their visit to Chattanooga.

After all, we are THE BEST TOWN EVER!

#1 Chattanooga Tennessee Riverwalk

Ahh, the Riverwalk! With 13 miles of paved path (and expanding!), the Riverwalk is a runner’s dream. We can’t promise you won’t have to dodge a few cyclist, or even squirrels, but we can guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself. With water fountains (turned off during the winter), numerous restrooms along the path, lighting in some areas, and well-kept landscaping, the Riverwalk serves as a great long run or speed session destination.

  • Open Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
  • Ample parking from Chickamauga Dam to Downtown Chattanooga
  • Restrooms + Water Available (water is seasonal)


#2 Chickamauga Battlefield

The historic Chickamauga Battlefield, a National Military Park, is perfect for the runner seeking to add some tourist-like entertainment into their run. The gently rolling hills and historic monuments keep any runner from getting bored. Although the park is open to traffic, Glen Kelley Road has a lane dedicated to pedestrians.

  • Open Dawn to Dusk
  • Parking Throughout the Park
  • Limited Restrooms + Water Available



#3 Enterprise South Nature Park

Enterprise South Nature Park attracts a variety of outdoor enthusiasts…without getting in each other’s way. With rolling paved road routes (some sections are closed to traffic) and ample trails for running and cycling, Enterprise South feels like a different world. Check out the unique bunkers while you’re there too!

  • Open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm (Hours vary during seasons)
  • Parking at Entry of Park and Entry of Mountain Bike Trails
  • Restrooms + Water Available (Some seasonal)


#4 Hixson Greenway Farms 

Just miles from Front Runner, Greenway Farms provides 6 miles of the perfect combination of paved and trail paths. Climb a rather large hill to find a breathtaking view of the quarry, just a half a mile from parking. Usually not too crowded, Greenway is a great place to get a few miles in without too many distractions.

  • Open Dawn to Dusk
  • Parking Throughout
  • Limited Restrooms + Water Available


#5 Raccoon Mountain 

Among the 22 miles of trail options, a 4.6 mile loop around Tennessee Valley Authority’s reservoir offers a unique viewing experience. Often referred to as a hidden gem, Raccoon Mountain is worth the 15 minute drive from downtown!

  • Open Dawn to Dusk
  • Parking at Entrance and at Campground
  • Limited Restrooms + Water Available (Seasonal)