NOW is the BEST time to get fitted for shoes!

For the novice runner, investing in properly-fitting, technical shoes can feel like something you only do when you’re “more serious” about the endeavor. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE! There are several reasons why the BEST time to get into the right shoe is when you’re JUST STARTING a new training program.

It will help you stay motivated.

Let’s face it: running is tough enough as it is. Don’t make it unnecessarily difficult on yourself by pounding away in ill-fitting, poorly-cushioned footwear. If you’re starting your running journey in shoes that actually fit well and feel good, it’s going to make the whole experience so much more enjoyable for you. This can make training something to look forward to instead of something to dread.

Injury prevention.

Running shoes that are the correct size and shape for your feet, and that properly accommodate your individual biomechanics, have consistently shown to reduce the likelihood of developing running-related injuries. Not only that- -they just FEEL BETTER overall. Beginner runners tend to be more susceptible to injury than those whose bodies are used to it, and if you’re serious about completing your training, being fitted for the CORRECT shoe will help tremendously in keeping you comfortable and injury-free.

You will perform better.

Footwear that works in harmony with your feet will not only feel better; it will help you run faster and get less tired while doing it. Your feet are anatomical wonders that are capable of absorbing great impact, and propelling the body off the ground with impressive power. The correct shoes will provide a balance of stiffness, springiness, and shock-absorption that will optimize the already-awesome functionality of your feet, truly allowing you to run faster and farther.

Support your local running store.

Your best resource for finding the perfect shoe is always your local running and walking specialty store! At Front Runner, we have more than 30 years of experience and know-how, and have always been locally owned and operated. Let us help you find the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn, and help support a local business who takes pride in seeing its community run strong!