Tips For Choosing The Right Shoes

Choosing the right shoe can be tough – But not always. Actually, getting fitted by an expert can save time and money by being led to choose the right fit the first time. Typically, however, customers are faced with deciding between 2 or 3 supportive running shoes because all the recommended options feel good!

Here are some fast tips on choosing the right athletic shoe:

1. Consider Your Goals 

What function do you need your feet to serve in your shoes? Are you trail running? Looking for a fast shoe to break a personal record? Do you need extra cushion for long work days? Or are you training to run your first road 5k or half marathon in Chattanooga?

Verbalize your intent for the shoes to our fitting experts  – We’ll tell you the pros and cons to each shoe. 


2. Factor Your Favorites

Did you have a favorite running shoe you were fitted for? What brand was it – Brooks, Asics, New Balance, Altra, Hoka? How did it fit your foot – Was it a wide or narrow shoe, neutral cushion or dynamic stability? With a fleet of options (over 60 shoe styles in our running shoe store) several styles will be similar to one another, while others will fit completely different.

Let history help make the decision – Typically a shoe that has or hasn’t worked in the past will hold true for the future! 


3. Feel Nothing

Really! The best running or walking shoe for your feet is the one that “feels like I don’t have a shoe on my foot at all!”. Some customers may be tempted to choose the shoe they’ll feel fast in or the shoe that feels like it’s changing their feet the most, when in fact sometimes “feeling” a shoe can be a bad thing. Typically, if you experience something immediately upon putting the shoe on – feet moving around, strong arch presence, heel slipping, tightness in the toe box – this will only persist as you continue to wear the shoe.


Ready to experience the difference getting fitted for running or walking shoes can make? Visit Front Runner Team in Chattanooga! Fittings are always complimentary! Not sure if you need new shoes? Learn here – “5 Tests for Replacing Running Shoes”.